27 Apr. 2008

Gifts for DH's friend' new house

We were invited to DH's friend's new house for housewarming. It's a good chance to show off my sewing projects.

These are nothing new because I've made them before and gave them to a couple of my friends. But I haven't posted them on this blog yet so here're the photos of a plastic bag holder, a pyramid door stopper and a clothes pegs holder.

The friend was surprised to see them and said they'll be very useful.

scrap baby pillow

Ok I admit I'm mean. I don't even throw out the tiniest fabric scraps.

I buy fabrics only at clearance price. I make bibs, pants whatever and then I use the big scraps to make yo-yos. If the scraps are not big enough for yo-yos I still collect them. Then I found I have fabric scraps everywhere. Yesterday I had some time to clean up my wardrobe where I keep all the sewing needs and I put all the fabric scraps in one holder of the hanging holders bought from Ikea. It was full. I was surprised at how many I have collected. But I don't want to throw them away. What can I do with them? I made a back support pillow last year from some scraps. So I think it's a good idea to make another pillow out of them. DD has been cruising around when she's sleeping so I think maybe I can try to make a pillow for her to see if she likes it and can stop moving around in her cot any more.

So here it is, a scrap baby pillow. I used a very very old and plain bed sheet (actually a scrap of it) to make the casing, then put as many scraps in as I thought DD might feel comfortable with, then sealed the opening. I made it the same size as a pillow my mom bought for DD, as I wanted to use the pillow case that came with it. I didn't like the pillow that my mom bought because it has the typical polyester filling that's too soft and I don't think that's comfortable and safe. I guess my home made scrap pillow will be more supportive and firm and safer.

So now a comfy scrap baby pillow and a ready to use pillow case.

Later I made a flannelette pillow case for winter use.

25 Apr. 2008

Another bib made for my friend's baby to come

This was made long time ago with other bibs. But I forgot to take a photo. And stupid me I only took photo for one side today so I'll have to take another one later. I remember I did make sure I had one whole dinasaur each side...

And this is made for a boy. I like this vibrate fabric. So beachy...

120 yo-yos

Here they are...

120 yo-yos up to last night. I don't think 144 yo-yos can make a wall hanging big enough for the kitchen.

20 Apr. 2008

new bags for me!

What a productive weekend! I had to look after DD for 1.5 days but I still managed to squeeze time and whip up 4 pairs of pants and 2 bags!

This morning I made a reversable (I know it's reversable again..I'll explain later) hand bag for myself. I've been using that black leather bag I bought in DFO last year for quite a few months and although I still like it I feel I need some colourful change. So I copied the size of the bag and made one myself. And because I hated the string on the bag (If it's loose the bag doesn't look nice but if it's tight I can't put my hand in to reach for things.) so I used elastic instead. I so like elastics they're always so handy and I like the look of the gathering caused by the elastics.

Now, why reversable? I just fell in love with reversable! Actually I never really used two sides. Like a lady in Birth said, you always prefer one side to the other. So do I! BUT, I like the neatness of the reversable sewing. I don't have a serger so the inside of all my stuff are raw. I know I can use zigzag or whatever of my 21 stitches on my sewing machine, but I'm just too lazy and always use straight stitch. So, once I found out that REVERSABLE can hide all the UGLY stuff, I can't do without it any more. See, I like to be neat, even if it takes me more steps. I'll have to do everything twice to make it reversable. But as long as the products look nicer, I'm happy to do it.

And I also found out reversable makes sewing handles so much easier as you don't need to worry about the ends of the handles as they're always hidden.

The same to elastics, so much easier.

Ok, now my second bag. It's my lunch bag (I actually put my breakfast, fruits and luncn in it.). I made a trial lunch box bag last year and have been using it till Friday when I suddenly realized I hadn't washed it since I started using it. Yew~~ I threw it straight into the laundry after I came back from work.

Then I realized that was only my trial version and it should be time I made a new one. So I started this afternoon and using this garden fabric and fruits fabric and made a reversable lunch bag. The opening is still elastic because the trial version was elastic and I found it so easy to use. It holds all the food snugly.

19 Apr. 2008

new pants with fleece

Winter is coming so quickly that the reversable pants soon become not warm enough any more.

My friend V liked the reversable pants I made for her daughter C so much that she asked me if I could do a couple more.

I bought a few pieces of different polar fleece and they're all washed and dry so I used the time before and after dinner tonight and made 4 pairs of pants, 3 pairs with 1 layer of flannelette, another polar fleece, and one pair with only one layer of polar fleece. They feel so much warmer than the flannelett/quilting cotton combination. But I have to say the polar fleece adds a lot of costs, so I carefully made some variations on my pattern and used a fleece throw to make 3 pants.

Above photo shows the 3 pairs made from the same fleece throw. The left one is reversable with flannelette, made for C. The middle one is the same, made for DD. The right one is single layer, made for DD (I know it's much longer than her normal pants but I wanted to utilise the throw the most so made it longer and DD can wear it for longer too.). This one is designed to be worn outside other pants as it doesn't contain any cotton.

Above photo shows another pair made from another piece of PF and flannelette for C. The pink PF is very soft. I guess it's kind of 'baby PF'. I made the pants for C much longer to make sure she CAN wear them and can wear them for longer. She's always taller than I think. Naughty girl....Now I need to find a time to give them to her. She'll be excited.

Below is the current autumn/winter stash in the house:

13 Apr. 2008

45 yo-yos


I heard that I need 144 yo-yos to make a yo-yo wall hanging. So this is the first 45. 99 yo-yos to go......

I really need a fabric wall hanging. The wall beside our square dinner table is getting covered by oil and stuff. And we only moved in less than 4 months ago. I feel so guilty because it's mainly on the side where I sit for dinner.

So I need a washable wall hanging. Will need to work hard.


I came across yo-yos the other day on the net and was interested in it. Now I've got some new fabric and some time on hand, I started sewing yo-yos.

I very quickly learn why people get addicted to it. It uses up all your scraps! I kept all my scraps and hoped one day I can use them. And now it's perfect to have so many scraps!

I made two yesterday and sewed them on the pants I gave to my friend's daughter C. Then I came back home late at night and continued sewing more.

Today I sewed even more. Aren't they beautiful! I always wanted to embellish DD's clothes and now I've found something!

12 Apr. 2008

beginning of autumn season

These are the pants I've made so far for autumn season. So cute.

And this is just the beginning.....

new pants made

I hate washing fabrics before making stuff because I'll have to wait for them to dry before I start my actions. But I don't want to skip this step because otherwise I'll have to wash them after making them and before DD wears them. That's still waiting. So I'd rather wash them in bulk straight after bought them from the shops.

So, finally my fabrics are all dry and ready to go. I made two more pairs of pants today. I really love the fabric, the BRIGHT PINK! I hope no one will ever call DD a BOY any more!

They are still reversables. Inner is still the old apple pattern flannelette. But the outer is flowers flowers flowers! Oh I so love the flowers.

Ok, the pair with dark flowers are the longest pants I've made. And I was seeing my friend tonight so I decided to give it to her DD C who's now 29 months old. She's got loooong legs, so hopefully not too short for her.

I so love the fabric that I didn't even want to throw away the remnant. So I made a couple of yoyos out of them. I've never made yoyos before but I was surprised how easy it is to make them. So I attached two yoyos on the pair to give to C. They're so cute. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos with yoyos as I was running out of time. But I'm gonna make some more yoyos and attach them to DD's pants.

8 Apr. 2008

Umbrella stroller cover Aug 07

We bought the umbrella stroller for our overseas trip. I loved the bright colour of the stroller. But I could imagine when DD had poo leakage....So I decided to make a cover to minimize the polution. I used quilting cotton and polar fleece to make a reversable stroller cover. Love the fabric. So bright and cute.

extension of sleep bag Aug 07

DD outgrew her sleep bag at 8 months and I was reluctant to buy new ones as the old ones were only worn a few times. So I made an extension.

I love the butterflies and the yellow back ground matches the colour of the sleep bag very well.

some projects made for friends in Aug07

These are some of the projects I made for my friends. A clothes pegs holder and 2 plastic bags holders. Actually I made more but didn't take photos for all of them. I used the patterns from online but can't remember the website. Will have to find it out and post it later.

The two friends I gave the clothes pegs holders to both said they loved them. And when I go to their houses I always see them hanging on their clothes lines. So I'm glad they're useful.

projects in Feb 08

These are some of the projects I finished in February.

The bibs were made for two friends who're pregnant with their first babies. I used my own pattern. Well for bibs I never used any other patterns apart from my own ones. I found my patterns work very well. I use flannel on both sides and use polar fleece in between. So there're 3 layers in each bib. And they're always reversable - you can use both sides. And it doesn't 'wick' as the polar fleece inside kind of works as a barrier. I should ask for a 'patent' for this design.... And I use snaps. So no matter how many times I wash them, they always look new.

The pants of course were made for DD. They're very large as I was trying to keep her in them longer. I bought this denim kind of fabric because I wanted to get prepared for her childcare life but I don't really like this fabric. I still like bright colours more, like bright pink, green, yellow, red etc.

My old projects

To save time, here's the link to my old projects. I have some more between them and now but I'll have to find another time to get them out of my backup dvds.


6 Apr. 2008

sleep bag

This is the sleep bag finished yesterday per DH's request. He took DD out for a whole day so I could finish my job application (which took me a whole morning without any food or drink). After that I realised that I had a whole afternoon to myself so I made two pairs of reversible pants and finished the sleep bag I started on Friday.

The sleep bag was made from a layer of minky type of fabric cut from a baby blanket, and a layer of cotton flannelette.

I didn't have any pattern to use. I just used another sleep bag I made (tracing from a sleep bag bought from Myer) as a quick pattern and cut off a larger size of fabric.

I believe the combination of minky and flannelette adding onto DD's wondersuit, fleece sleep set and polar fleece sleep bag, can ensure a very warm winter.

If not we'll have to add on our oil heater as DD'll become a ball if we keep adding more sleepwear....

Haven't got a pic of DD in it coz DH would add it on before he goes to sleep at midnight when both me and DD are sound asleep....

first autumn pants

This is the first pair of autumn pants I made for DD.

fitted cot sheet and baby blanket

DD got runny nose and was refused by the day care on Friday so we didn't bring her cot sheet and blanket home for washing. So I decided to make another set myself from the cheap flannelette I bought on Friday.

This morning I hurried up this fitted cot sheet and also a baby blanket. I wasn't quite happy with the blanket but I think the fitted cot sheet was perfect. DD couldn't wait to lie on it. LOL.

Updated 100502:
cot mattress size: 130*70*10
Existing waterproof mattress cover: 19*130*75
Best: cut 166*106, cut corners 18*18, elastic 150cm

5 Apr. 2008

reversable baby pants

It's start of autumn now. We're all adding more clothes. DH asked me to make some warmer pants for DD. He doesn't like polar fleece so he suggested double layer pants. I decided to use quilting fabric and flannelette to make reversible pants.

This is DD wearing the first reversible pants I made this week:

The outer layer is quilting cotton. Inner layer is quilting flannelette.

I was so happy about the result that I made another two pairs this afternoon: