20 Apr. 2008

new bags for me!

What a productive weekend! I had to look after DD for 1.5 days but I still managed to squeeze time and whip up 4 pairs of pants and 2 bags!

This morning I made a reversable (I know it's reversable again..I'll explain later) hand bag for myself. I've been using that black leather bag I bought in DFO last year for quite a few months and although I still like it I feel I need some colourful change. So I copied the size of the bag and made one myself. And because I hated the string on the bag (If it's loose the bag doesn't look nice but if it's tight I can't put my hand in to reach for things.) so I used elastic instead. I so like elastics they're always so handy and I like the look of the gathering caused by the elastics.

Now, why reversable? I just fell in love with reversable! Actually I never really used two sides. Like a lady in Birth said, you always prefer one side to the other. So do I! BUT, I like the neatness of the reversable sewing. I don't have a serger so the inside of all my stuff are raw. I know I can use zigzag or whatever of my 21 stitches on my sewing machine, but I'm just too lazy and always use straight stitch. So, once I found out that REVERSABLE can hide all the UGLY stuff, I can't do without it any more. See, I like to be neat, even if it takes me more steps. I'll have to do everything twice to make it reversable. But as long as the products look nicer, I'm happy to do it.

And I also found out reversable makes sewing handles so much easier as you don't need to worry about the ends of the handles as they're always hidden.

The same to elastics, so much easier.

Ok, now my second bag. It's my lunch bag (I actually put my breakfast, fruits and luncn in it.). I made a trial lunch box bag last year and have been using it till Friday when I suddenly realized I hadn't washed it since I started using it. Yew~~ I threw it straight into the laundry after I came back from work.

Then I realized that was only my trial version and it should be time I made a new one. So I started this afternoon and using this garden fabric and fruits fabric and made a reversable lunch bag. The opening is still elastic because the trial version was elastic and I found it so easy to use. It holds all the food snugly.


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Excellent work.
Thank you.