12 Apr. 2008

new pants made

I hate washing fabrics before making stuff because I'll have to wait for them to dry before I start my actions. But I don't want to skip this step because otherwise I'll have to wash them after making them and before DD wears them. That's still waiting. So I'd rather wash them in bulk straight after bought them from the shops.

So, finally my fabrics are all dry and ready to go. I made two more pairs of pants today. I really love the fabric, the BRIGHT PINK! I hope no one will ever call DD a BOY any more!

They are still reversables. Inner is still the old apple pattern flannelette. But the outer is flowers flowers flowers! Oh I so love the flowers.

Ok, the pair with dark flowers are the longest pants I've made. And I was seeing my friend tonight so I decided to give it to her DD C who's now 29 months old. She's got loooong legs, so hopefully not too short for her.

I so love the fabric that I didn't even want to throw away the remnant. So I made a couple of yoyos out of them. I've never made yoyos before but I was surprised how easy it is to make them. So I attached two yoyos on the pair to give to C. They're so cute. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos with yoyos as I was running out of time. But I'm gonna make some more yoyos and attach them to DD's pants.

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