19 Apr. 2008

new pants with fleece

Winter is coming so quickly that the reversable pants soon become not warm enough any more.

My friend V liked the reversable pants I made for her daughter C so much that she asked me if I could do a couple more.

I bought a few pieces of different polar fleece and they're all washed and dry so I used the time before and after dinner tonight and made 4 pairs of pants, 3 pairs with 1 layer of flannelette, another polar fleece, and one pair with only one layer of polar fleece. They feel so much warmer than the flannelett/quilting cotton combination. But I have to say the polar fleece adds a lot of costs, so I carefully made some variations on my pattern and used a fleece throw to make 3 pants.

Above photo shows the 3 pairs made from the same fleece throw. The left one is reversable with flannelette, made for C. The middle one is the same, made for DD. The right one is single layer, made for DD (I know it's much longer than her normal pants but I wanted to utilise the throw the most so made it longer and DD can wear it for longer too.). This one is designed to be worn outside other pants as it doesn't contain any cotton.

Above photo shows another pair made from another piece of PF and flannelette for C. The pink PF is very soft. I guess it's kind of 'baby PF'. I made the pants for C much longer to make sure she CAN wear them and can wear them for longer. She's always taller than I think. Naughty girl....Now I need to find a time to give them to her. She'll be excited.

Below is the current autumn/winter stash in the house:


Anonymous said...

Those pants fit C so well. When i put the pants on her,she always says:妹妹,妹妹。She loves her new pants.
The pink PF is very soft.

allawah said...

Wow I'm glad they finally fit and she likes them! I can't wait to see her wearing them.

And that's why I call the pink PF 'baby PF' coz it feels so soft.