8 Apr. 2008

projects in Feb 08

These are some of the projects I finished in February.

The bibs were made for two friends who're pregnant with their first babies. I used my own pattern. Well for bibs I never used any other patterns apart from my own ones. I found my patterns work very well. I use flannel on both sides and use polar fleece in between. So there're 3 layers in each bib. And they're always reversable - you can use both sides. And it doesn't 'wick' as the polar fleece inside kind of works as a barrier. I should ask for a 'patent' for this design.... And I use snaps. So no matter how many times I wash them, they always look new.

The pants of course were made for DD. They're very large as I was trying to keep her in them longer. I bought this denim kind of fabric because I wanted to get prepared for her childcare life but I don't really like this fabric. I still like bright colours more, like bright pink, green, yellow, red etc.

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