27 Apr. 2008

scrap baby pillow

Ok I admit I'm mean. I don't even throw out the tiniest fabric scraps.

I buy fabrics only at clearance price. I make bibs, pants whatever and then I use the big scraps to make yo-yos. If the scraps are not big enough for yo-yos I still collect them. Then I found I have fabric scraps everywhere. Yesterday I had some time to clean up my wardrobe where I keep all the sewing needs and I put all the fabric scraps in one holder of the hanging holders bought from Ikea. It was full. I was surprised at how many I have collected. But I don't want to throw them away. What can I do with them? I made a back support pillow last year from some scraps. So I think it's a good idea to make another pillow out of them. DD has been cruising around when she's sleeping so I think maybe I can try to make a pillow for her to see if she likes it and can stop moving around in her cot any more.

So here it is, a scrap baby pillow. I used a very very old and plain bed sheet (actually a scrap of it) to make the casing, then put as many scraps in as I thought DD might feel comfortable with, then sealed the opening. I made it the same size as a pillow my mom bought for DD, as I wanted to use the pillow case that came with it. I didn't like the pillow that my mom bought because it has the typical polyester filling that's too soft and I don't think that's comfortable and safe. I guess my home made scrap pillow will be more supportive and firm and safer.

So now a comfy scrap baby pillow and a ready to use pillow case.

Later I made a flannelette pillow case for winter use.

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