6 Apr. 2008

sleep bag

This is the sleep bag finished yesterday per DH's request. He took DD out for a whole day so I could finish my job application (which took me a whole morning without any food or drink). After that I realised that I had a whole afternoon to myself so I made two pairs of reversible pants and finished the sleep bag I started on Friday.

The sleep bag was made from a layer of minky type of fabric cut from a baby blanket, and a layer of cotton flannelette.

I didn't have any pattern to use. I just used another sleep bag I made (tracing from a sleep bag bought from Myer) as a quick pattern and cut off a larger size of fabric.

I believe the combination of minky and flannelette adding onto DD's wondersuit, fleece sleep set and polar fleece sleep bag, can ensure a very warm winter.

If not we'll have to add on our oil heater as DD'll become a ball if we keep adding more sleepwear....

Haven't got a pic of DD in it coz DH would add it on before he goes to sleep at midnight when both me and DD are sound asleep....

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