24 May 2008

Ensuite mat

I've been thinking about this project since we moved into our new home in December last year. Our ensuite needs 3 mats, one for the basin, one for the shower door, and one for the toilet. It's awkward coz no matter how we arrange the mats, they always have parts overlap and look very messy. And as winter is coming the floor becomes too cold so it would be good to cover it as much as possible.

So I was contemplating this 'customized contour' mat. I was thinking about what material to use and how to make it. The mat needs to be thick as all the mats we have are thick and I want the consistency. And it also needs to be absorbent especially for the shower door.

Today I'm sick of piling up my 'to do list' so I decided to tick off one of the biggest projects: this ensuite mat! As I've been thinking about it for a long time I've collected all the materials I'll need: I bought a quilted bedspread thing (of course from Vinnes, where else?) to use as base, and I have a dozen of terry squares (bought for DD but used MCN instead shortly after) sitting in DD's wardrobe, ready to go as the top layer.

I measured the size and cut out the shape from the bedspread. Then sewed 8 terry squares together according to the shape and pinned the terry squares to the base with right sides together. Sewed up the sides leaving an opening and turned right sides out and hand sewed the opening closed (too thick to use machine). Then I topstitched all sides and voila! A terry contour bath mat with quilted base! It was very very warm to step upon and both DH and DD love it!

The sewing was very difficult due to the thickness. I kind of know how much my machine can handle since I've sewed so many things in the last 12 months. Yes this is the best it can do, a layer of terry plus a layer of not so thick quilt.

And because I had bad experience working with terry before, I carefully planned the steps: sew up the sides of the terry squares first, then sew them onto the base with an opening, then I took the whole lot to the balcony and cut the extra bits of the terry squares off. No surprise there were a huge amount of lint. I shaked the lint off the whole thing and my clothes before I came back to the sewing room. By doing this I make sure I minimized lint going everywhere on the carpet etc. When I went back to the balcony later, the lint was gone with the wind....

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