31 May 2008

Longer pants

I made a few pants for V's daughter C who's one year older than DD. But because I never got a chance to measure her, I did some estimates and made them slightly longer than DD's pants. But C is super tall. So the pants I made were always too short. Like this one:

So I decided to make some amendments so she can wear them longer.

I brought them back from V's home. Then I measured the width of the legs, and cut some 'quite' matching rectangular fabrics, with the length I want to add. Then I sewed the rectangulars into tubes. The pants I made have two layers, so I made 4 tubes, 2 for each leg.

Then I put one tube inside the leg, another outside, right side facing each other, pinned them onto the legs, like this: Then I sewed the four layers together using straight stictch. It destroyed my needle when I was going through one of the seams as the original pants were already too thick (1 layer of PF and 1 layer flannelette, seam at least 4 layers, then adding on another 1 layer of flannelette and 1 layer of PF...).This is after I finished sewing the four layers: Then I pulled out the inner layer
And the outer layer:
There'll be only two layers at the bottom now, the new added part. I folded the raw edge of the two layers inwards and used zigzag stitch to finish: Voila! New longer pants! And another one!

It took me some time to search through my stash to find 'matching and also not so matching' fabrics as I didn't want to use exactly the same fabrics. I love the result. Quite dynamic. I hope V and C will like them!

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Anonymous said...

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