23 May 2008

Panty Liners

I've been relying on panty liners since I had DD and it's causing me problems, so I decided to give cloth panty liners a go.

I googled and easily found this tutorial: http://shewhorunsintheforest.googlepages.com/008. I made my first 2 on Wednesday night and so loved them. I could see immediate difference between wearing clothie ones and disposable ones. I'll never go back to sposie any more!

I made another 4 this morning before I went out and another 4 this afternoon after I came back and another 4 this evening after dinner! My aim is to make 21 of them. So 7 to go!

Plus they used up a lot of my flannelette, quilting and fleece scraps! Even the ones that aren't big enough for yo-yos!

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