4 May 2008

railing screen

We've made it!

Long before we moved in our new home DH and I were already talking about the railing in the dinning room. It stops you from falling to downstairs but the gap was too big for DD. So I bought a set of curtains to cover the over 2 metres length so DD doesn't realize there're gaps behind them.

But it was only a temporary solution. We came up with an idea: make 3 frames each of which covers one side of the railing. Then cover the frame with fabric and bind the fabric onto the railing.

It took us almost half a year to find time to work on it. DH finally finished the frames yesterday, using the scrap sticks donated by his friend, with his limited tools and carpenting skills, and a bit of help from DD (don't know whether she helped to work on the frame or create more work for DH). Anyway, although I was shocked by the unsteadiness of the frames, I managed to work out three covers for the frames from the set of curtains that were used to cover the railing before. It worked out quite nice, to my surprise!

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