11 May 2008

Skylight shade

I don't really know what it's called so I just call it a 'shade'. DD has this skylight in her room and it's so bright in the morning that she gets up earlier than we want her to. So I put some aluminium on it to block the light but it became too dark. Then I changed it to newspaper, to block part of the light but still I didn't feel the room was getting enought sunlight during the day. Then I decided to DIY a shade that's retractable, like a curtain.

So I bought some curtain accessaries from Spotlight and Bunnings, cost me over $20 plus petrol. It's so expensive nowadays to do anything even DIY!

Then I used the scrap curtain material after the railing screen (DH likes it coz it has a mild colour but still blocks some sunlight) and made the shade.

DH screwed everything in place and I put the shade on. Voila! I know the ropes don't look nice. Maybe I can work on it some time later. But I think it accomplished what we wanted: makes the room darker when DD's sleeping in it and brighter when she's not and it's opened.

Love the result.

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