29 Jun. 2008

1 snake and 6 bibs

I had too much coffee on Friday night so I got up at 4am on Saturday morning after 4.5 hours of sleep and decided to make some new stuff since I got so much time on hand with DH and DD sleeping.

I needed to make a snake for our front door as I heard it does help to keep the coldness out. It only took a few minutes to do the measurements and cutting. I didn't want to sew yet coz I didn't want to wake DH and DD up. So I took some scrap flannelete, quilting cotton and polar fleece and cut a few bibs.

It wasn't until this morning that I finished the bibs, including ironing and applying snaps. After that I decided 3 to go to D for her new baby and 3 to go to our childcare. They said they're gonna provide materials for me to make 10 bibs for them but I just can't wait for the materials. LOL.

Here they are:

The snake: The bibs - one side floral quilting cotton, the other side quilting flannelette:

25 Jun. 2008

Refurbished toddler mat

DH's cousin gave us this underlay as a mat for DD to play on. The first time we visited her with DD she used it on the carpet for DD to lie on. DD was only a few months and wasn't able to sit yet. Then when we left she kindly gave it to us. It's been so useful. When we lived in our townhouse we put it on the floor so DD could play on it when we were doing house chores. When we moved to our new home we put it on the carpet in front of the sofa in the living room so when she eats around the sofa the underlay can catch all the 'goodies' that should have dropped on the carpet. I so love it. And the best thing about it is it's machine washable. When I think it's dirty enough I throw it in the washing machine and line dry it. It drys quickly.

It has two sides. Below is the other side that normally face up in front of the sofa.
I know it looks old. But I love it for being so much helpful. DH doesn't like it. But he can't get anything better than that. So one day he asked me to get something else to replace it. 'It's just ugly and doesn't match our deco that's all.' Deco?? Sounds like we have any deco in our home? Does he mean the building blocks in every square metre of our home? Or DD's clothes sharing every square metre with the building blocks? Anyway I digress....

Ok I thought about it. I seriously consider every one of DH's suggestions or requests. I thought about getting a bigger and better underlay or something. But I'm afraid the area only fits a single size underlay. I thought about getting a rug. But it's not washable. Anything not washable is just not gonna do the work.

So I suggested refurbishing the underlay, adding another layer, which 'fits the deco'. I had some time today and went through our linen closet and found this bed sheet:
I emailed DH the photo and asked for his permission. He laughed. But said that's better than nothing. So after 1 hour of hard work of ironing and pinning and cutting and sewing, dada~, new playmat for DD:

DD on the mat:

First pair of pants following a pattern

It's the first time I use a commecial pattern. I used this 'Children's pants' pattern bought from Vinnies (or Anglicare?) for 50c. I like it being so simple. Good for beginners like me.

Below is the back of the pants. I followed the pattern from start to finish. The only thing I added was the lace. I think it'll make it more girly. Oh I did change the length of the elastic though. I don't know whether it's something wrong with the pattern or that I don't know how to read a pattern. The elastic I used as directed by the pattern was too long so I had to cut it shorter.

Here's the front of the pants. Nothing special.
It's not reversable though...

Cot-wide pillow

DH was complaining the other day that DD winged when she fell off her pillow, got stuck between the pillow and the cribs of the cot, while sleeping. He asked me to make a pillow that go across the cot, so DD won't ever fall off it and get stuck again.

So I used some second hand fabric and made a long pillow case, 70cm x 26cm, enough to cover the width of the cot. Then filled with fabric scraps that I've saved for pillow use. Yes I never want to throw out anything, even scrap threads! Then I used the newly bought snowwhite flannelette to make the pillow cover. Here's the pillow in the cot:

22 Jun. 2008

Some nice patterns that I might want to have

I like simple stuff. Just fabric and thread. Nothing else. I do have some ribbons and laces. But I rarely use them. I don't really feel comfortable with them. I don't even like buttons. Maybe it's because they're not cotton. Love cotton. Just love cotton. If I have to embellish something, I use fabric to make it.

Some patterns bought

This one was bought from Anglicare for 50c. Very cute. Will make some for DD and friends' babies.

The above 3 were bought in spotlight for around $7.5. They're having a 50% sale on patterns for end of financial year. Bargain!

Oh have to mention that when I was about to leave the store, it was announced that everything on the clearance table was $1 a metre. So after 10 seconds of hesitation I went back to the fabric section and flicked through the clearance table. There weren't many nice fabrics that I liked but I found a colourful stripe knit, a green dots quilting cotton and a snow white flannelette! I carried the three fabrics to the checkout (I was gonna get more but I wanted to make sure they WERE $1 each before I carry 20). It was a long queue. It was already end of financial year sale and now adding this crazy $1 sale....Anyway I had to sit down for part of the queueing time because my pelvis wasn't coping well. I ended up buying the whole three lots. I was gonna buy 10 metres of the snow white flannelette but there was only 10 metres on the roll! It must be the fabric was too thick. Anyway I'm happy. I'm running out the pink apple flannelette (I guess less than 5 metres left) so I do need some more pink stuff for DD.

Shame I couldn't get the second round as planned as my pelvis really wasn't coping and the queue after me was huge!

New extensions for DD's tops

Did the last two extensions for DD's tops:

20 Jun. 2008

Bag for DH's cousin

DH's cousins are our only relatives in Australia. The older one we call her 'sister'. I don't know how this came but I just followed DH's way to call her. And I do feel that 'sister' is a very special name for her and shows that she is a respectable person to us. She's been very kind to us and invited us to her house every time she has family events.

Yesterday she called us and asked us to go to her house for BBQ on Sunday. I asked what's the event this time and she hesitated like she was shy. She said oh it's just we've done something in the back yard and wanted to show you. I was guessing it would be her birthday this Sunday. She normally tells us what event it is when she invites us. If she doesn't tell, it must be her birthday. Anyway I think it would be nice if I make something for her. Even if it's not her birthday, I really want to sew something special for her to show how important she is to us.

Anyway it took me quite a few days of my spare time to make this. It's been a difficult project because I kept changing my mind, although it turned out to be a quite simple project. I wanted to do a not so simple bag, so I wanted to embroider. But once I started the embroidery part, I found I wouldn't be able to make it in time. So I had to do a simple reversable one. Here's the other side of the reversable:
I could do some embelishing but at the moment I haven't come up with some good idea....

The colourful parts are some quilting cotton and the white part is calico. I think she'll like it.

17 Jun. 2008

Appliques for DD's hoodie jacket

MIL bought some clothes for DD and posted them to us from overseas. It took them over a month to arrive. We finally received them last weekend. But to our disappointment, most of them are boy's clothes!

DH tried this hoodie jacket on DD and decided it really doesn't suit her as a girl. But I was reluctant to give it away as it's pure cotton which is either hard to find or too expensive in the shops here. So I decided to decorate/refashion it to make it more girly.

It took me quite a while to try to work out how to make it 'girly'. But the colour of the jacket is just too boyish and hard to find colour to match. I finally had to ask DH for his idea. He's the 'quick fix' type so he grabbed this little sheep fabric which I used for many fleece tops' applique and asked me to do an applique. Alright. Seems I didn't have much choice there. So here's the jacket after being appliqued. I still don't think it's girly enough. But .....

Here's DD wearing it (she's very active and it's really hard to get a good picture):

15 Jun. 2008

Some stuff made today

I had to make another paper roll holder to use in my bedroom.

This was made last night actually. My first experiment of regular pad booster. It's 23lx7w. 4 layers of flannelette.
This is winged regular pad. 23lx7w with wings. 4 layers of flannelette in centre and 2 layers of flannelette in wings. This is winged night pad. 34lx9w, and 18w at back end. 6 layers of flannelette in absorbing area, 2 layers of flannelette in wings. This is a project I've been planning to do for a long time. DD's T shirts soon become too small. Actually too short for her huge tummy. And as we always think covering tummy is very important, and it's winter now, I decide to add some length at the tummy area of her tshirts. They're all very stretchy so I don't worry about the width. Anyway I happen to have gathered some stretchy fabrics in my stash so I used some to make below lengthed tshirts:
This one is not from my stash. The pink and white bottom fabric is from one of my old beach tshirts that I don't want to wear any more.
I made about half a dozen before my back was too painful to continue. There's still about 4 or 5 I need to lengthen but will do some other day.

Here's another one I did later some day:

Below are some appliques I did quite a while ago for DD's plain fleece tops:

14 Jun. 2008

Some stuff made recently

I love sewing. It's so convenient because when you need something you just sew it and within minutes you have it. You don't have to pack up the bag, carry the baby, go to the car, drive to the shops, (get a speeding fine if you're in bad luck), find parking, get the stroller out of the car, get the baby out of the car, put her into the stroller after a 10-minute fight with her, walk into the shop, look for it.....no this shop doesn't have it....ok go to the next one....after 1 hour visiting 10 shops you still can't find the right thing....baby's crying....ok mummy give you some food....or do you want to drink?....etc etc....

So I might as well just sew it. The worst thing is baby sitting on my lap sewing with me.

Ok enough babbling. Here're some things I've made recently, that you can hardly find in any shops (I made them all in a hurry in after work hours so no tutorial steps):

1. My second reversable bag:
the other side:
I made it when I found my first home made reversable bag was so dirty I had to wash it. So this one was made in a hurry.

2. My covered scarf:
I recently have this itchiness around my neck and I guess it's the synthetic material of my clothes and scarf that I've been wearing. So now I'm trying to convert to all-cotton. It's so hard to find cotton stuff these days. I've been searching the shops with no result. So I decided to make my own cotton scarf. I love my existing scarves. They're so soft and warm. But they're made of synthetic material. So I decided to be lazy and just cut a piece of cotton fabric and made a tube to go over it. It still has the end parts of the original scarf sticking out. But the main body which touches my skin is covered in cotton. It's thicker and warmer now. I made it last night. And I was wearing it this morning when the temperature was really low. Sooooo warm.

3. Paper roll holder.
This is my second one. I made the first one last night. But it was way too big. Now it's sitting in DH's car. I made some adjustments on my experiment and made this one. It fits better. All it needs is a 21cm x 40cm rectangular piece of fabric and 2 pieces of 19cm long 6mm elastic to collect the 2 ends.

My original plan was to make a tissue holder. I did make one long time ago but I didn't really like it. I think I'll like this one. DH said that's toilet paper not tissues. I said who cares. I just like it so I use it. This one will go into my car, for my hayfever nose. Don't know whether DH will like the one in his car. It's the same material so it's pink still......But that's for DD who's usually in his car every day.

Now I have matching handbag, scarf and paper roll holder...Haha~

4. DD's pillow case

I know I know. I'm also sick of this fabric. It was so cheap in Spotty that I bought the whole roll. Now whenever I need flannelette this is the way to go. I do have some other flannelette fabrics but they're more of boy's colour. So all DD's stuff are this pink apple theme...

Anyway the story is, DH came back home the other day and said the day care asked him not to take DD in the next day because she's got eye infection. He took DD to the doctor and the doctor said everything that touches her face get changed. So there goes her pillow case. I did make a spare pillow case (yeah of course still this apple pink) but because of a housewarming emergency it became a pot holder. I know I know...I'll make some pot holder later, when I finish all these emergency sewing tasks....Anyway I ended up having to sew another pillow case for her scrap pillow. Lucky it's not a big project. I did it about half an hour after the 'infected' pillow case went to the wash. So now DD has apple pink pants x 5+, apple pink blanket now being her bed sheet, apple pink scarf that she doesn't like at all (hence me not bothering to take a piccie), and this apple pink pillow case.

Oh well this post is long enough. I'm off to sort out my 20 dozen sewing tasks and hopefully I can begin some of them today and finish some tomorrow.

13 Jun. 2008

Sizes and material choices

So many things to plan to sew....

Below are some sizes and material choices I've collected over the internet:

Wetbag for cloth pads: 20x15

Nursing pads: 11d or 10d, 1 layer of quilters cotton+1 hemp fleece (too thin?) turned and top stitched; 3 layers of bamboo/cotton blend interlock serged

Cloth wipes: 14x12.5, 1 layer of flannelette+1 hemp fleece; 2 layers of flannelette turned and top stitched.

Cloth pads: the regular sposie I have is 22x6. Planning to make:

1. regular/day pads: 23lx7.5w (cut adding allowance), 4+ layers of flannel or 3+ layers of bamboo fleece or equivalent, turned and top stitched using adahy's method
1.5. heavy day pads: 25x8
2. night pads: 34lx8.5w(back 14w), same layers, when using top with a day pad
3. make above half winged and half unwinged to crossmatch, and maximize usage. winged used to stable and unwinged used to add absorbency.
4. all absorbent layers so reversable.
5. try this prefold version (scroll down to bottom), and this prefold with insert version
6. how many? day time 3 hours each, that's 5 day pads and 1-2 night pads each day. then 3 days will be 15 day pads and 3-6 night pads.

Cloth napkins: 50cm squares

Table runner: 30cm wide, rectangular, oval, triangular pointed end; single sided, quilted or lined.
Place mats: 30x45cm

Shoe bags: cut 66x46cm and fold

Hot pads: 20x20cm and bias taped. Use cotton wadding as polyester tend to melt.

11 Jun. 2008

Cloths pads - planning

I decide Diva cup is currently not suitable for me. So I need to sew my cloths pads stash. It's a big project. I need to sew different sizes for different stages of a menstrual period. I need to decide on materials.

Here I've learned that 32cm is for overnight flow, 27.5cm is for heavy flow, 25cm is for regular flow. Other times I'll just use my cloth panty liners.

Here are some patterns. A tutorial and it's pattern that I like.

Someone's stash
, admiring.... Another someone's stash, admiring more....Another one...

This one is beautiful. I think it's good for overnight.

I admire this website which uses nothing new to make cloth pads. I should have thought about that.

I'll probably need wetbags.

6 Jun. 2008

More panty liners made

Now I've got over 2 dozen cloth panty liners. I'm safe now. Next is cloth pads. I'm still expecting my bamboo ordered from Greenbeans.co.nz. I'm not confident with flannelette in pads and I don't like terry....

2 Jun. 2008

Found a tip of sewing

I love reversable, or say, double layer. It looks neat, and lasts longer. Now having browsed here for some double layer dresses/smocks, I found the inner layer or liner can be beautifully made of gingham or dots fabrics. Will shop for some when on clearance....

Added 080603: just browsing the same blog, gingham is great for binding, edges etc as well!