29 Jun. 2008

1 snake and 6 bibs

I had too much coffee on Friday night so I got up at 4am on Saturday morning after 4.5 hours of sleep and decided to make some new stuff since I got so much time on hand with DH and DD sleeping.

I needed to make a snake for our front door as I heard it does help to keep the coldness out. It only took a few minutes to do the measurements and cutting. I didn't want to sew yet coz I didn't want to wake DH and DD up. So I took some scrap flannelete, quilting cotton and polar fleece and cut a few bibs.

It wasn't until this morning that I finished the bibs, including ironing and applying snaps. After that I decided 3 to go to D for her new baby and 3 to go to our childcare. They said they're gonna provide materials for me to make 10 bibs for them but I just can't wait for the materials. LOL.

Here they are:

The snake: The bibs - one side floral quilting cotton, the other side quilting flannelette:


ni ni said...

u r soooooooo talented!!! I quickly went thru all photos of your achievements. They're so colorful and cute! Love it!!

allawah said...

Thank you ni ni! I'm glad you like them!