17 Jun. 2008

Appliques for DD's hoodie jacket

MIL bought some clothes for DD and posted them to us from overseas. It took them over a month to arrive. We finally received them last weekend. But to our disappointment, most of them are boy's clothes!

DH tried this hoodie jacket on DD and decided it really doesn't suit her as a girl. But I was reluctant to give it away as it's pure cotton which is either hard to find or too expensive in the shops here. So I decided to decorate/refashion it to make it more girly.

It took me quite a while to try to work out how to make it 'girly'. But the colour of the jacket is just too boyish and hard to find colour to match. I finally had to ask DH for his idea. He's the 'quick fix' type so he grabbed this little sheep fabric which I used for many fleece tops' applique and asked me to do an applique. Alright. Seems I didn't have much choice there. So here's the jacket after being appliqued. I still don't think it's girly enough. But .....

Here's DD wearing it (she's very active and it's really hard to get a good picture):

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