20 Jun. 2008

Bag for DH's cousin

DH's cousins are our only relatives in Australia. The older one we call her 'sister'. I don't know how this came but I just followed DH's way to call her. And I do feel that 'sister' is a very special name for her and shows that she is a respectable person to us. She's been very kind to us and invited us to her house every time she has family events.

Yesterday she called us and asked us to go to her house for BBQ on Sunday. I asked what's the event this time and she hesitated like she was shy. She said oh it's just we've done something in the back yard and wanted to show you. I was guessing it would be her birthday this Sunday. She normally tells us what event it is when she invites us. If she doesn't tell, it must be her birthday. Anyway I think it would be nice if I make something for her. Even if it's not her birthday, I really want to sew something special for her to show how important she is to us.

Anyway it took me quite a few days of my spare time to make this. It's been a difficult project because I kept changing my mind, although it turned out to be a quite simple project. I wanted to do a not so simple bag, so I wanted to embroider. But once I started the embroidery part, I found I wouldn't be able to make it in time. So I had to do a simple reversable one. Here's the other side of the reversable:
I could do some embelishing but at the moment I haven't come up with some good idea....

The colourful parts are some quilting cotton and the white part is calico. I think she'll like it.

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