11 Jun. 2008

Cloths pads - planning

I decide Diva cup is currently not suitable for me. So I need to sew my cloths pads stash. It's a big project. I need to sew different sizes for different stages of a menstrual period. I need to decide on materials.

Here I've learned that 32cm is for overnight flow, 27.5cm is for heavy flow, 25cm is for regular flow. Other times I'll just use my cloth panty liners.

Here are some patterns. A tutorial and it's pattern that I like.

Someone's stash
, admiring.... Another someone's stash, admiring more....Another one...

This one is beautiful. I think it's good for overnight.

I admire this website which uses nothing new to make cloth pads. I should have thought about that.

I'll probably need wetbags.

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