13 Jun. 2008

Sizes and material choices

So many things to plan to sew....

Below are some sizes and material choices I've collected over the internet:

Wetbag for cloth pads: 20x15

Nursing pads: 11d or 10d, 1 layer of quilters cotton+1 hemp fleece (too thin?) turned and top stitched; 3 layers of bamboo/cotton blend interlock serged

Cloth wipes: 14x12.5, 1 layer of flannelette+1 hemp fleece; 2 layers of flannelette turned and top stitched.

Cloth pads: the regular sposie I have is 22x6. Planning to make:

1. regular/day pads: 23lx7.5w (cut adding allowance), 4+ layers of flannel or 3+ layers of bamboo fleece or equivalent, turned and top stitched using adahy's method
1.5. heavy day pads: 25x8
2. night pads: 34lx8.5w(back 14w), same layers, when using top with a day pad
3. make above half winged and half unwinged to crossmatch, and maximize usage. winged used to stable and unwinged used to add absorbency.
4. all absorbent layers so reversable.
5. try this prefold version (scroll down to bottom), and this prefold with insert version
6. how many? day time 3 hours each, that's 5 day pads and 1-2 night pads each day. then 3 days will be 15 day pads and 3-6 night pads.

Cloth napkins: 50cm squares

Table runner: 30cm wide, rectangular, oval, triangular pointed end; single sided, quilted or lined.
Place mats: 30x45cm

Shoe bags: cut 66x46cm and fold

Hot pads: 20x20cm and bias taped. Use cotton wadding as polyester tend to melt.

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