14 Jun. 2008

Some stuff made recently

I love sewing. It's so convenient because when you need something you just sew it and within minutes you have it. You don't have to pack up the bag, carry the baby, go to the car, drive to the shops, (get a speeding fine if you're in bad luck), find parking, get the stroller out of the car, get the baby out of the car, put her into the stroller after a 10-minute fight with her, walk into the shop, look for it.....no this shop doesn't have it....ok go to the next one....after 1 hour visiting 10 shops you still can't find the right thing....baby's crying....ok mummy give you some food....or do you want to drink?....etc etc....

So I might as well just sew it. The worst thing is baby sitting on my lap sewing with me.

Ok enough babbling. Here're some things I've made recently, that you can hardly find in any shops (I made them all in a hurry in after work hours so no tutorial steps):

1. My second reversable bag:
the other side:
I made it when I found my first home made reversable bag was so dirty I had to wash it. So this one was made in a hurry.

2. My covered scarf:
I recently have this itchiness around my neck and I guess it's the synthetic material of my clothes and scarf that I've been wearing. So now I'm trying to convert to all-cotton. It's so hard to find cotton stuff these days. I've been searching the shops with no result. So I decided to make my own cotton scarf. I love my existing scarves. They're so soft and warm. But they're made of synthetic material. So I decided to be lazy and just cut a piece of cotton fabric and made a tube to go over it. It still has the end parts of the original scarf sticking out. But the main body which touches my skin is covered in cotton. It's thicker and warmer now. I made it last night. And I was wearing it this morning when the temperature was really low. Sooooo warm.

3. Paper roll holder.
This is my second one. I made the first one last night. But it was way too big. Now it's sitting in DH's car. I made some adjustments on my experiment and made this one. It fits better. All it needs is a 21cm x 40cm rectangular piece of fabric and 2 pieces of 19cm long 6mm elastic to collect the 2 ends.

My original plan was to make a tissue holder. I did make one long time ago but I didn't really like it. I think I'll like this one. DH said that's toilet paper not tissues. I said who cares. I just like it so I use it. This one will go into my car, for my hayfever nose. Don't know whether DH will like the one in his car. It's the same material so it's pink still......But that's for DD who's usually in his car every day.

Now I have matching handbag, scarf and paper roll holder...Haha~

4. DD's pillow case

I know I know. I'm also sick of this fabric. It was so cheap in Spotty that I bought the whole roll. Now whenever I need flannelette this is the way to go. I do have some other flannelette fabrics but they're more of boy's colour. So all DD's stuff are this pink apple theme...

Anyway the story is, DH came back home the other day and said the day care asked him not to take DD in the next day because she's got eye infection. He took DD to the doctor and the doctor said everything that touches her face get changed. So there goes her pillow case. I did make a spare pillow case (yeah of course still this apple pink) but because of a housewarming emergency it became a pot holder. I know I know...I'll make some pot holder later, when I finish all these emergency sewing tasks....Anyway I ended up having to sew another pillow case for her scrap pillow. Lucky it's not a big project. I did it about half an hour after the 'infected' pillow case went to the wash. So now DD has apple pink pants x 5+, apple pink blanket now being her bed sheet, apple pink scarf that she doesn't like at all (hence me not bothering to take a piccie), and this apple pink pillow case.

Oh well this post is long enough. I'm off to sort out my 20 dozen sewing tasks and hopefully I can begin some of them today and finish some tomorrow.

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