6 Jul. 2008

8 panty liners

These are long due UFOs (unfinished objects). I cut them out long time ago coz I wanted to use up all the flannelette scraps. But I got some more urgent projects in the way all the time so it took me a few times to finish them.

This side is all flannelette: This side only the white part is flannelette, the printed fabric is quilting cotton.

These panty liners used up all my remaining caps of the snaps from my first order. It was good to order lots of snaps coz the first order took me over a year to use up. There're still lots of sockets and studs though. It was a 'nappy pack' so the numbers of the caps, sockets and studs were different. Don't know what I'm gonna do with them.

I love making panty liners because they're a fantastic way of using up my scraps. Even polar fleece scraps, I can use them in between the layers.

The problem now is I have too many panty liners. Maybe give some to V and her sister if they're interested.

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