28 Jul. 2008

First table runner

This is another project that's been on my to-sew list for a long long time. And like most other projects, I've been contemplating different ways to do it.

Tonight I got a bit of time after dinner so I decided to try it. I took out the remainder of the single bed spread I bought from Vinnies and wanted to use the quilted part. I never really know what a table runner is about but I want mine to be pretty and useful - to be used as a pot holder as well. So I prefer a quilted one. As I don't know how to quilt as I mentioned in my yesterday's post, I'm lucky to have this kind of quilted bed spread in my stash.

Anyway I wanted to take full use of the bed spread. The remaining part after some previous use is now about 145cm long. I was planning to make it 11ocm long but didn't want to waste the bed spread, and our dinning table is about 180cm long, so I think 145cm is a good length to do.

I prefer to make everything bright and colourful but DH wants something to match the main colour of the house so I'm gonna make a reversible, one side his colour, the other my colour, so everyone's happy. So I took out the pretty fabric I bought from Spotty last year. It's kind of home deco/curtain fabric I think. It's definitely 100% cotton which I really like.

Then I cut a piece about 145cm long and 37cm wide off the pretty fabric. Cut some triangles off the ends and pinned the pretty fabric on the quilted fabric, right sides together, and cut the quilted fabric along the pretty fabric.

Then I sewed the two pieces together leaving a 10cm opening to turn right sides out. Of course I cut the corners before I turned.

Then I top stitched the whole thing. That's it!

(The quilted fabric feels so warm that I want to make a jacket off it!)

I was thinking of stitching some lines on it to make it thinner but decided to leave it as is and see how I go with it and if I really need to do it.

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