6 Jul. 2008

Mail Sorter

I've always been wanting to make a mail sorter. Did some research online, and think clothes hanger is a good thing to hang it so I made this today:

Good way to use the old clothes hangers that we don't want to use any more.

It took more longer than I thought because again, I wanted to make a reversible. So the other side, the side against the wall is exactly the same: 3 small sorters upper row and 2 large sorters bottom row. I just didn't want to waste the other side by leaving it with nothing. Who knows what I'll want to put on the other side? So I just make it as useful as the right side.

It's kind of a refashion/reuse project. The dark red fabric is from a bed linen I bought from vinnies some time ago. It was a bed cover I think. I can't remember what's the name but it's the quilted kind with skirts that hangs on sides of the bed. This red fabric is cut from the 'skirt'. I used the quilted part for some other projects and there's still a lot of this bed linen remaining for future projects.

The checked fabric is one of those my mom bought for me to sew for DD. It has the dark red colour which I think goes well with the other fabric.

Now I'm used to ironing while sewing. I used to think it's a redundant part but now I think it's necessary in some projects especially one like this where neatness is very important.

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