9 Jul. 2008

My first experience of using clothies

This is the first cycle I'm using cloth pads. I didn't have time to make more cloth pads so I just used the cloth panty liners I made. I have plenty of them to change. I enjoyed using them. They're so comfortable. I had to change every 2 hours though. But it's always nice to have something dry and clean.

I used the only night pad I made and boosted with a panty liner and I had no leak! Gone are the days when I have to worry about leaking during the night sleep and have to change undies and night pants altogether!

I so love clothie and will never want to go back to sposie!

I love the ones with a hidden layer of PF coz it leaks less to the panties. But not as absorbent though coz fewer layers of cotton.

The only problem is washing. I wrap the dirty ones in toilet paper after every change and take them home after work. Then soak them in a bucket half full of water with some napisan. Then either the same night or the next morning I hand wash them. There's so much colour! I'm afraid I don't want to wash them in washing machine with other clothes. But handwashing is no good for me. Will need to ask the 'experts' for solutions.

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