12 Jul. 2008

Scarf made for DL

It was my last day in my old job on Thursday.

DL is a lady working in another unit at work. She interviewed me twice. She interviewed me before I came to the old job. After I started she told me how impressed she was about my interview. I was very happy to hear some feedback from her, which gave me a lot of confidence. Then recently I applied for a job in her unit and she interviewed me again. I was told I got the job but I got another job offer from another employer which gives me better working conditions so I decided to leave. Again she expressed how impressed she was about my interview and how she liked me. I think it was very kind of her telling those things because it really gives me some idea of where I am and it really helps me with confidence.

DL is a lady at almost my mom's age but looks like 20 years younger than my mom. I thought I needed to give her a gift to thank her for being so kind to me. So I decided to sew her a scarf in this chilly winter. It was a rush job as I didn't have much time with all the things going on recently. But I took some time to choose the fabric. I found this pink silky fabric which is quite summery but I believed that with a few layers it'll make a warm scarf. So I sewed a very simple but very large scarf for her.

She was surprised and very happy to receive it. She told me she does needlework as well. I was gonna talk to her more about it but she was going to a meeting so I had to leave. Then I never got a chance to go back to see her before I left. But I'll catch up with her when I settle down in my new job.

I didn't have a piccy for the scarf as I really didn't have the time. But I'll post a piccy for the fabric later.

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