27 Jul. 2008

Toilet mat

It's the first winter we have in this new home and the tiles in the toilet next to study is very cold for my feet. DH and DD wear shoes/slippers at home so they don't have any problems but I don't wear shoes so I can't stand it any more.

The reason why we didn't put a commercial mat (we have plenty of bought mats at home) is the door is too close to the toilet seat and if we put a normal mat there, the door is hard to close. So making a smaller and thinner mat has been on my to-sew list for a long long time. I've been contemplating and reprioritizing and finally today I reached something.

This is the rest of the bedspread I bought from Vinnes. The main part was cut for this project. I was keeping the rest waiting for more use out of it. I don't know how to quilt so it's good to have some 'prequilted' materials on hand.
I measured about 40cmx55cm and cut it off the bedspread. I cut the corners to make it look nicer. I was gonna 'round' the corners but I was too lazy and thought straight is easier to cut. Then I put a piece of cotton material underneath and cut about 2-3cm away from the edges. I was gonna cut the same size and thought about stitching and turning and topstitching but I wanted to reduce the bulk so that the door can probably close by going over it, so I changed my mind. This is all pinned and ready to go:Then I just straight stitched the edges and viola, a simple, thin, warm and small toilet mat!

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