2 Aug. 2008

DD's first jumper

It's winter and DD never seems to have enough winter clothes. So I make the jumper as my highest priority on my list today, well, after I finished the table runner for SH. I cut the pieces out in a hurry this morning when I did the table runner, before we were off to SH's housewarming party. Then tonight after a quick dinner (had too much at the party) I whipped this jumper up. I followed this pattern. Below are the front and back photos with DD modelling it, before she went to sleep. She liked it. She even wanted to keep it when she went to sleep. Well tomorrow she has a whole day as the first day to enjoy it.
It's mainly polar fleece. It's not supposed to be polar fleece according to the pattern but who cares. I just wanted something very warm for DD. As I cut it in a hurry I didn't read the instructions properly. So I cut out a piece of polar fleece as the 'interfacing' for the front, and two pieces of quilting cotton as the 'interfacing' for the straps. Oh who cares! It works that what it matters!


iRiS said...

I hardly every read my patterns right
it looks cute grrrrr to your lil lioness!

allawah said...

Thanks iris for your comments. Sorry I haven't got time to play your game yet. Been busy with sewing, cleaning, laundering, partying, blogging etc....