31 Aug. 2008

DD's first top

I'm sure I have never made a top before for DD, because I never knew how to sew sleeves. DD always had enough tops to wear, or I always extended the smaller ones to ensure she had enough to wear. But DH has been saying DD's wearing the worst clothes in her kindy coz we never really buy any fancy clothes for her and I try to sew her wardrobe as much as possible. Being a beginner sewer I know how terrible she looks at kindy compared to other girls there. Sometimes I feel guilty. But I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on her clothes just for them to be grown out of months later. Plus I really enjoy making her clothes and stuff.

Since I started using patterns I started sewing some decent clothes for her as well. Today is my first try on a size 2 top. And it was very difficult. I hate the neck and the sleeves. I still find it hard to understand some pattern instructions, especially with DD jumping up and down my lap trying to destruct my sewing machine.

Anyway I've made it and I never want to make another one from this same pattern again. I may find another pattern and try to make a different top for her in the future. Below is the pattern I used:

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