16 Aug. 2008

Toddler shoe pads

This morning when I walked accross the kitchen to the sewing room, I saw DD's shoes lying on the floor. I picked them up and shaked them over the rubbish bin and as usual, out came some sand. I tried to put my fingers in to clean the sand and accidentally pulled out the pads from inside the shoes. They were....well I don't know how to describe it but you can see from the picture.
Anyway I don't think they're usable any more so I decided to make some new shoe pads.

I took out some fabric scraps and marked the lines:
Here's another pair:
Then I put another layer of fabric scraps under the marked pieces, right side facing together:And pinned them up:Then sewed along the lines, leaving about 10cm opening to turn inside out:Then clipped the seam allowances and turned the right sides out, and topstitched the edges. Viola! New shoe pads! DD will have clean and new and warm new cloth shoe pads to wear in her little shoes:

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