1 Sep. 2008

Bias tapes

I hate buying bias tapes because I hate spending money if I can save it. I always tought I could make bias tapes.

The other day I was reading a sewing book and was interested to see a simple tutorial about how to make bias tapes. I decided to give it a go. Here's a similar tutorial on the web.

I chose two of my favourite colours: pink and green. For each fabric, I cut a square off, fold the square along the bias, cut in half, then sew the two pieces together like indicated in the tutorial, making a slightly twisted tube. I know I should draw the parallel lines but I don't have a long ruler and I was impatient as I had to look after DD at the same time, so I just measured the rough width and started cutting. I use the first cut as a guide as I cut (actually I guess I would spend less time cutting if I drawed the lines!) and it took me about 1 hour each to finish cutting. They're gonna be really long bias tapes and will last me for some time.

They're really ugly as some areas are too wide and some are too narrow. I guess next time I'll draw the lines.

Can't wait to use them!


iRiS said...

awww very clever, ive made bias tape before but only in very small batches for specific projects

I saw a fabulous idea on this blog
about patchwork bias and it looked amazing definately something to try in the future

allawah said...

Thanks for the link iris. That's inspring. I haven't done any real patchwork yet but I really love the idea of putting coordinating fabrics together. They look beautiful.

Mom2fur said...

I love making homemade bias tape. While I do use the storebought kind, homemade is cuter 'cause you can do it in prints! Yes, it's better to mark the lines, LOL, although mine are never perfect, either. I'm sure once they are folded they'll look great!