6 Sep. 2008

DD's dresses for two weddings

DH's cousin's youngest daughter's weddings are coming in this month. I don't know why they have two weddings. I guess both families were too traditional to accommodate each other's wedding so they decided to have a wedding for each tradition.

Anyway as we'll have to go to two weddings, we have to prepare two sets of outfits for the weddings. So I hurried up these two dresses today. They literally took me a whole day. It's been raining whole day so I had a very good excuse to stay in the sewing room from 7am to 9pm. Of course I did some other things too.

This yellow background flowery fabric was given to me by a Freecycler
And this red flowery fabric was from Spotty's clearance table. They are both very nice cotton fabrics.
I used this pattern, which is from another Freecycler for the yellowish dress:

I copied a bit of ideas from this pattern, from the same Freecycler, for the red flowery dress. It's actually more like a jumper. The straps are too long I think.

I think they're quite big and will last DD for quite a few years....

updated 080928 DD wearing the red-white dress:

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