11 Sep. 2008

DD's tops

I feel so tired recently. I guess it's because I've been trying to use every second of my time to do things I need to do. Apart from my full time work which takes me out of home from 6:50am to 6pm, I want to do sewing, sometimes laundry, cooking, and arranging our overseas trip to see our families in China etc etc. Tonight I finished these two tops and decide that's it for the day. I'm gonna go to bed earlier, maybe go to sleep before 10pm.

Below are the two tops I finished tonight for DD.

I spent a few nights to trace the pattern and cut out the fabrics. Below is one of my tops which I don't want to wear any more, and I cut it to make the neckband and the ruffles for one of the tops.
Below is some fabrics cut out:

I still used the same pattern as before. It's not my favourite pattern for a top because I find it quite hard to follow, and one step was even wrong. But it's my only pattern for toddler's tops so I'll just use it before I have any more.

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