5 Sep. 2008

Notes for Generation T

(These are the notes I took on the train when I was reading Generation T for the 4th or maybe 5th time. It's for my future reference when I want to try the projects. If you're wondering what Generation T is, it's a GREAT book I'm reading, borrowed from my local library. Here's the website about the book: http://www.generation-t.com/book.html)

no. 97 thread a mat
1. cut a t-shirt square/rectangular or any shape you want
2. cut holes with even spaces
3. thread t-shirt tape through holes continuously to cover the whole patch/shape
4. hem the edges or bias tape the edge to fix the ends of the tape.
no. 96 braid a mat
1. cut cotton t-shirts and sew patches
2. cut strips off patches to make a tape
3. braid 3 tapes
4. sew braid into a circle mat
no. 76 make a poncho for k for wedding.
no. 75 braid a belt/string for my big tops or jeans
no. 74 make a wine bag

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