27 Sep. 2008

Upgraded dress

DD was sick last week and I was sick this week so not much has been done. Today we had a wedding to go to so I had to make DD's dress right for the wedding. Lucky it was only a simple fix. I made this dress for DD to wear at the wedding but I couldn't get the bow right. When I was sick I thought I had to sew it on instead of tying it. So this morning before I made the Mei Tai I made sure I fixed the bow. I sewed it on but it looked very .... empty. So I found out a scrap of the fabric using which I made the bias tape for the neck elastics and made a yo-yo. I sewed the yo-yo on and ... hmmm... looks alright.

It's the first time I've really USED a yo-yo. I've made like a hundred but never used them.


Monica-FC said...

I think you did great on the dress and the bow looks fine to me.

allawah said...

Thanks Monica. I received some positive comments too from the wedding. I'm very happy. :)