9 Oct. 2008

Bye for now

It doesn't look like I'm gonna update this blog in the near future. DH's been away on business this week and tomorrow night we're flying overseas to visit our families for 2 weeks. So no projects will be done this month. And hopefully I'll have something exciting to show off next month.

5 Oct. 2008

Bias tape finished

I made some bias tapes a while ago, but I didn't realize that was not finished, until I started using them. I found I had to iron them into folded tapes. I stumbled upon a tutorial that explained how to easily iron them into folded bias tapes. It was very interesting so today I gave it a go and it really worked!
Seem that I need a new iron board cover after this. The iron board got burnt!

Pooh blanket cover

This is a very warm double layer blanket my mom brought from overseas for DD before she was born. I think it's polar fleece, very very thick, soft and warm. We put it on the floor in DD's bedroom for her to nap on when needed.

Recently DD scratches her bottom very often. It even caused bleeding. So DH suspect it's the blanket which is not made from natural fibre, that's caused her itchiness. Then I decided to make a flannelette cover for the blanket. Here it is:
Here's the snap closure, baby pink snaps.

Scrap holder from business shirt

I've been throwing scraps everywhere when I sew. I collect them to use as fillings. But it's a pain to collect. So this scrap holder has been on my to-sew list since long long time ago.

I love long weekends. Especially when there's no parties to go to. So I have plenty of time to sew.

I haven't bought any fabrics recently coz I've been so busy that no time is allowed for fabric shopping. It's great coz I've already got a wardrobe full of fabrics and scraps and clothes which I plan to recycle. So this scrap holder, I made it from a business shirt DH doesn't want to wear any more.

4 Oct. 2008

DD's first ruffled pants

I love ruffles I love ruffles!

I've been longing to make some ruffled pants for DD since I saw those on the internet. So this afternoon I used 1 hour to make one from a normal pants pattern. I made a pair of pants before from this pattern but it was too long. So I taped the legs so that they're about 7cm shorter than the pants that fit DD the best. Then I cut 2 strips of 10cm x 96cm pretty cotton fabric to make the ruffles.

This pair of pants doesn't look fit her very well, still too big I think. Maybe next time I should go a size smaller....

I used the denim fabric that was freecycled to me to make the main part of the pants, and the scrap from the dress I made for the wedding to make the ruffles.

This is front:
This is back: