5 Oct. 2008

Bias tape finished

I made some bias tapes a while ago, but I didn't realize that was not finished, until I started using them. I found I had to iron them into folded tapes. I stumbled upon a tutorial that explained how to easily iron them into folded bias tapes. It was very interesting so today I gave it a go and it really worked!
Seem that I need a new iron board cover after this. The iron board got burnt!


Brenda said...

just found your blog. You are added to my favorites. thanks for sharing

allawah said...

Hi Brenda

It's such an honour to be in someone's favourites. I'm glad you like my blog. I won't be able to update it for at least 2 weeks as I'm going on holiday tomorrow. Will continue with my UFOs when I come back. Thanks for looking. :)