4 Oct. 2008

DD's first ruffled pants

I love ruffles I love ruffles!

I've been longing to make some ruffled pants for DD since I saw those on the internet. So this afternoon I used 1 hour to make one from a normal pants pattern. I made a pair of pants before from this pattern but it was too long. So I taped the legs so that they're about 7cm shorter than the pants that fit DD the best. Then I cut 2 strips of 10cm x 96cm pretty cotton fabric to make the ruffles.

This pair of pants doesn't look fit her very well, still too big I think. Maybe next time I should go a size smaller....

I used the denim fabric that was freecycled to me to make the main part of the pants, and the scrap from the dress I made for the wedding to make the ruffles.

This is front:
This is back:

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