29 Nov. 2008

New sleep bag - 100% cotton

Can't remember how long ago this started to be on 'top of my sewing list'. But finally I made it!

Made the sleep bag in a rush within 2 hours after lunch. Coz it was a rush, I didn't think much about the design, so it came out as this:
Then when I did the snaps I used the origami technique to make the neck and the arm opening. I hope it'll work....

This is one of the two identical blankets I used for main part of the sleep bag:
The green part is cut from some cotton velour I bought from New Zealand months ago.

This is when it's fully opened:

First hat!

I've always wanted to make a hat for DD. Recently DH's complaining that DD's hats are too small and can't cover her neck. So he's worrying about her getting skin cancer. Although I laughed at him for the 'skin cancer' part I still decided to make DD a new bigger hat.

So I used this pattern:
And whipped up this hat this morning:

26 Nov. 2008

Chair feet

Made these chair feet over the weekend. We need a third chair in the kitchen as DD's not using high chair any more.

This version has elastics to prevent them from falling off. Don't know whether it'll work or not. We'll see.

New sewing gears bought

Got a discount voucher from Spotty. So bought these gears I've longed for:

20 Nov. 2008

What flower are you?

Came across this quiz in blogland. Thought it won't hurt to do something off topic once in a while.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

15 Nov. 2008

Wall hanging

This mind has been changed a lot of times, during a loooong period of time. Months and months ago DD already started doing this: when having dinner at home, taking over the seat close to the wall, and patting her hands full of food and juices on the wall while eating.

This is our dining area in the kitchen:
If you can't see it, this is what the poor wall is left with:
After a lot of research, contemplating, shopping around, designing, looking for materials, discussion with DH when DH insisted repainting the wall with washable paint, I came to this:
I bought the fabric from Spotty and it cost me $8. I used the salvage as the string at top to hang it, and a wood stick left in the garage by someone (guess it was the previous owner) as the rod.

It's the 'temporary solution' before DH can ever have time to organize repainting the wall, if it's more of a priority than cleaning the spa which has been left there brewing fertilizer since we moved in last Christmas.

New pants from new pattern

Made these in a big hurry from 2 nights this week.

Using this pattern

All fabrics were recycled. The black fabric was from a pair of my pants
And ruffles were from one of my singlets.
Both not worn for years and won't be seen worn in future years.

Sorry for the shaggy photos. Got toooo many clothes to recycle and too little time to shoot them.

Embroidery on the train - rabbit

Did this for DD's plain coloured Tshirt bought from Target a while ago for $2.

2 Nov. 2008

New patterns bought

We've been back this week from visiting our families overseas and I'm still recovering from the travelling. So I haven't restarted sewing. I really want to but just don't feel any energy to do anything. But I have something exciting. Some patterns are on sale in Spotty so I managed to go there and bought 4 patterns. Actually there were over a dozen on my list that I wanted to buy but I did a few rounds of culling and reduced them to 5, then one of them wasn't in stock so I got away with 4. I was still happy though coz I got everything I wanted.

I bought some nice dresses and skirts in China and thought I might like more dresses, so I bought this dress pattern. It's mainly for my work.

The one that was not in stock was also a dress pattern but more casual/beachy. But this one has a version that's a bit casual too so it'll do.

Below is the skirt and top pattern. I try not to buy multiple patterns for the same type of apparel coz at the moment I just want to learn to make different types of clothes not different designs. Then this is the type of sleeveless top I like to wear for work so after some hesitation I decided to buy it:
And the last is the best, top, pants, shorts and hats pattern for DD!