15 Nov. 2008

Wall hanging

This mind has been changed a lot of times, during a loooong period of time. Months and months ago DD already started doing this: when having dinner at home, taking over the seat close to the wall, and patting her hands full of food and juices on the wall while eating.

This is our dining area in the kitchen:
If you can't see it, this is what the poor wall is left with:
After a lot of research, contemplating, shopping around, designing, looking for materials, discussion with DH when DH insisted repainting the wall with washable paint, I came to this:
I bought the fabric from Spotty and it cost me $8. I used the salvage as the string at top to hang it, and a wood stick left in the garage by someone (guess it was the previous owner) as the rod.

It's the 'temporary solution' before DH can ever have time to organize repainting the wall, if it's more of a priority than cleaning the spa which has been left there brewing fertilizer since we moved in last Christmas.

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