28 Dec. 2008

Laundry basket liner - planning

I don't know if such a thing exists. But I'll call it Laundry Basket Liner.

We have a plastic laundry basket and it's a pain to carry it downstairs to the laundry through our narrow stairs.

So I decided to make a liner bag which will fit in the basket for collecting dirty clothes, and can take off the basket to carry all the dirty clothes downstairs.

Here's the planning:
1. The basket size: top 37x37cm, bottom 26x26cm, height 44cm
2. Cut: 1 piece 28x28cm for bottom, 4 pieces top 39cm bottom 28cm height 55cm
3. Use elastic to fix the bag to the basket. I was thinking about a pulling cord but I might need to tie it to the basket to keep it there otherwise when I throw clothes into the basket the bag would fall in the basket as well.

Ok hope I'll have some time on Tuesday to sew it. I'm thinking using recycled fabrics but haven't got an idea of what to use yet coz it seems to need a lot of fabric for this one!

20 Dec. 2008

Noriko bag

I came across this Noriko bag pattern on Lazy Girl Designs' blog and fell in love with it. So I made one myself this morning. It didn't turn out as attractive as the one on the blog, but I still like it. It used up my last pieces of the two fabrics which is great.

This is the inside of the bag:

It's the right size for my nappy bag coz I can put my wallet, mobile and camera in it and put the whole Noriko bag in to the nappy bag so I don't need to carry two bags when out and about.

Sleep pants

DD's sleep wear has started to be a problem as all her sleep wears are too small now. Apart from extending her exisiting sleepsuits, I'm thinking about sewing some knit pyjamas.

So yesterday morning I fully used the 1.5 hours before work to measure her below two best fit pants:

And designed this pattern after two unsuccessful attempts:
Then this morning I used the above paper patern to make 3 pairs of knit sleep pants for DD:

They fit DD VERY well, although a little bit loose, which is what I wanted coz I want them to last a couple of years. They look soooooo comfy on DD. I hope she'll have a nice dream in them tonight. :)

19 Dec. 2008

Another two extended sleepsuits

I trially extended one of DD's sleepsuits. I wasn't quite happy about the result because the crouch became too long and legs became too short. But DH said it's all good so he asked me to extend the other ones. Ok I gave it another go and did another two tonight:

I was stupid enough to put the snaps on the same side. Have to blame the long day of work.

14 Dec. 2008

Nappy mended

DD's Cute Tooshies nappy was flat. The elastic was gone after only a few uses but it's never been on top of my priorities to mend it. Today I just had enough looking at it. And DD really needs a good cloth nappy coz her bum has been red and I'm very reluctant to use sposies. So I did a quick mend and sewed on some elastics. It's now on DD's bum, snug. Very very good.

This is before:

And this is after:

Messenger bag v1 made!

Finally! 5 months after the trial bag was made (I carry the trial bag everyday coz it's the most functional bag among all my bags!) I've made this version 1 messenger bag. I love this green dots fabric and I used up all of it for this project.

I'm gonna start carrying it tomorrow. How exciting!

It's smaller than the trial bag and have fewer pockets as I found I didn't need the biggest A4 sized pockets. The cut pieces are as following:

1. outside body:45x60 for vertical fold

2. inner body: 45x60 for vertical fold

3. out front pockets: 45x46 folded in half (it turned out to be too big, next time try 45x36)

4. inner front pockets: 45x46 folded in half (it turned out to be too big, next time try 45x36)

5. strap: 12x114, padding of 3x90 (was gonna cut 114 but there wasn't enough length. but can't tell from end result)

6. flap: 35x50

Wedding gift bag for FQ

What a festive momth! Xmas, DD's birthday, then Our friend FQ's wedding! We're so excited he finally found his Mrs Right and they're getting married! So we bought a gift for him and I made this gift bag to go with it:

13 Dec. 2008

xmas gift bags

I was wrapping xmas gifts this morning and some of them are fabric ones so hard to use the wrapping paper. So I made these gift bags for them.

10 Dec. 2008

Messenger bag version 1 - planning - still in process

(Noted 081214: This post was unfinished and won't be finished. It's only part of my record for the evolution of my messenger bags. Please see this post for the next progress.)

Can't believe it's been 4 months! And I've been using the same TRIAL bag!

messenger bag version 1 with

1. outside front pockets for train and rubbish;

2. inside front snap-on pockets which can be taken off and roll up to put in any other bags, for mobile, wallet and digital camera;

3. inside back big pocket for documents;

4. a shorter strap than trial version

size: 33x24x10, strap 95x3, pockets 22


piece 1: fabric 1 outside body:(33+10+2)x(24x2+10+2)=45x60 for vertical fold or (24+5+2)x(33x2+10x2+2)=31x88 for horizontal fold

piece 2: fabric 2 inner body: (33+10+2)x(24x2+10+2)=45x60 for vertical fold or (24+5+2)x(33x2+10x2+2)=31x88 for horizontal fold

piece 3: fabric 2 out front pockets: (33+10+2)x(22x2+2)=45x46 folded in half

piece 4: fabric 1 inner front detachable pockets:

piece 5: fabric 1 strap: 3x4x100=12x100, padding of 3x100 optional

piece 6: fabric 2 flap: (33+2)x(24x2+2)=35x50

7 Dec. 2008

Extended sleep suit

I know it looks ugly. I'm never confident sewing knits. But sleepsuits have to be knits. And I don't really care whether they look good. I know it'll be very comfortable coz the little turtle knits are so baby soft.

Here's the more ugly front:
This is the original sleepsuit which is getting too short for DD:
DH said we needed to buy new ones but I thought since it's still wearable and we have plenty of knits at home and I'm 'sewing literate' so why don't we extend it to use it for maybe another year. DD only wears it when sleeping so no one sees it (well of course now you know about it but I'm not gonna show you pics with DD in it). So as long as it's comfy I don't care about the look.

Tissue holder

Tissues are the essential part of what's in DD's nappy bag when we go out.

It's been really messy and I always wanted something to hold them together in the bag instead of falling everywhere in the bag.

After making the back support, I've figured out how to make a opening so I thought why not try make a tissue holder the same way. So here it is. I hope it works well in the nappy bag.

Cut size: 25cm x 28cm or 10" x 11" for tissue size: 21.5cm x 21cm

Back support

I have chronic lower back pain. Years ago my first physio said I need to have a rolled towel at my back while sitting to support my back. I find it really annoying to use a rolled towel coz I have to sit hard against the back of the chair to keep it there. Once I get up it falls and when I sit back I have to roll it again.

I saw one of those back supports in some other offices but I was told they cost a fortune.

So I always wanted to make one for myself.

Today I finally found a bit of time where this can be top of my 100 priorities.

It's really not that hard to make. All you need:

1. 36cm x 36cm for body
2. 2 strips of 46cm x 8cm for the straps to tie in the back of the chair.
3. 2 pieces of 10cm long elastics

As I wanted it to be portable, which means it needs to fit most of the chairs I might be sitting on, including the ones at work, and the ones at home, I used elastic for part of the straps to keep it snuggle on the back of the chairs.
This is the opening of the back support where I can insert the rolled towel:

It's now on my office chair. All I can say is I love it I love it!