28 Dec. 2008

Laundry basket liner - planning

I don't know if such a thing exists. But I'll call it Laundry Basket Liner.

We have a plastic laundry basket and it's a pain to carry it downstairs to the laundry through our narrow stairs.

So I decided to make a liner bag which will fit in the basket for collecting dirty clothes, and can take off the basket to carry all the dirty clothes downstairs.

Here's the planning:
1. The basket size: top 37x37cm, bottom 26x26cm, height 44cm
2. Cut: 1 piece 28x28cm for bottom, 4 pieces top 39cm bottom 28cm height 55cm
3. Use elastic to fix the bag to the basket. I was thinking about a pulling cord but I might need to tie it to the basket to keep it there otherwise when I throw clothes into the basket the bag would fall in the basket as well.

Ok hope I'll have some time on Tuesday to sew it. I'm thinking using recycled fabrics but haven't got an idea of what to use yet coz it seems to need a lot of fabric for this one!

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