10 Dec. 2008

Messenger bag version 1 - planning - still in process

(Noted 081214: This post was unfinished and won't be finished. It's only part of my record for the evolution of my messenger bags. Please see this post for the next progress.)

Can't believe it's been 4 months! And I've been using the same TRIAL bag!

messenger bag version 1 with

1. outside front pockets for train and rubbish;

2. inside front snap-on pockets which can be taken off and roll up to put in any other bags, for mobile, wallet and digital camera;

3. inside back big pocket for documents;

4. a shorter strap than trial version

size: 33x24x10, strap 95x3, pockets 22


piece 1: fabric 1 outside body:(33+10+2)x(24x2+10+2)=45x60 for vertical fold or (24+5+2)x(33x2+10x2+2)=31x88 for horizontal fold

piece 2: fabric 2 inner body: (33+10+2)x(24x2+10+2)=45x60 for vertical fold or (24+5+2)x(33x2+10x2+2)=31x88 for horizontal fold

piece 3: fabric 2 out front pockets: (33+10+2)x(22x2+2)=45x46 folded in half

piece 4: fabric 1 inner front detachable pockets:

piece 5: fabric 1 strap: 3x4x100=12x100, padding of 3x100 optional

piece 6: fabric 2 flap: (33+2)x(24x2+2)=35x50

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