29 Jan. 2009

Bibs for kindy

It’s been busy and messy in the last few weeks. DH’s sisters and friends came to visit us for a few days. Then when I finally got to do some sewing, my cheapy sewing machine broke. It took me a lot of time to try to fix it and now it can do stitches but the stitches are far from perfect. I’m thinking about getting a new machine with a good brand.

But I managed to get these bibs done for DD’s kindy. She started with this new kindy this year and everything has been so smooth that I really wanted to do something to thank them. So I offered to make some bibs. And the sewing machine gave me trouble half way through this project.

Anyway here’s a pic of the four bibs I made for them:

11 Jan. 2009

More extentions

After a busy Christmas and New Year holiday, I found my machine not working well. I think it's called ‘pucker’. The fabric becomes ruffled after running the straight stitch. I was unhappy and reluctant to make anything for a while. Then today I came across these two little tops in the wardrobe which was left there for extensions. I decided to give it a go.


The machine is funny. It seems to only 'ruffle' on thin layers. So when I wanted to run a ruffle it did the ruffle itself! Anyway I finished this project with no problem!


This is DD in the pink one: