27 Feb. 2009

I'm gonna make this one!

Well when my NS50 comes back to me....

I just think it's soooo cute!

Interests at work

As my lovely colleague EG showed off my flower bag given to her as a gift, my other colleague GR was very interested. She said she used to sew too. After she saw the bag I made for EG she wanted to sew one for her friend's birthday.

I of course gladly supplied her the link where I learnt how to make the bags.

And then she said she saw cross handled bags being sold at The Rocks Markets so she's wondering if I knew how to make them. I said no it's not my cup of tea although I saw some of them on the internet. But I still couldn't resist to help by searching and asking on the internet and found her the pattern, even a video for that bag.

It's amazing how much internet can do for you.

25 Feb. 2009

No sewing machine again

My recently bought NS50 gave me a lot of joy and enjoyment. But the LCD screen has had some problems just after a few uses so I have to send it back to the seller to get it repaired. DH will take it to work tomorrow and TNT will go there to pick it up. Then it'll go to Tasmania back to the seller for repair.

I hope it all goes well and will come back to me soon. I can't imagine my life without a sewing machine.

New flower bags made

I so love this Cherry Flower Purse tutorial that I made another two flower bags!

I gave this green one to my colleague EG who's going to have an operation this weekend. She's been very down recently coz her boyfriend died last year and now she's having an operation which will take weeks to recover from. So I gave this bag to her to uplift her spirits. I even used my new sewing machine's lettering feature to sew her initials on.

She loved it! She loved it so much that she showed it off to everyone she met today. Another colleague even came to ask me how to make it coz she used to sew and she'd like to sew a bag like this for herself too.

I'm so glad that this little bag has made her happy. I hope she has a successful operation and recover very soon.

Below is the other bag I made. I don't like the inner blue fabric. I think this one is ugly. So I guess I can't give it to anyone. I'll just keep it for myself then.

As all the materials came from UFOs, I label this post as 'recycle'.

21 Feb. 2009

Flower purse

I've been looking at this tutorial for so many times that I can't stop thinking of trying it out.

So I finally did try it out. It was called 'Cherry Flower Purse' in the tutorial because the flowers the sewer made for the purse were cherry flowers. But I don't have the patience to learn to sew flowers so I used some of my yo-yos, that were made like a year ago.

Anyway here're two pics of it.

I love it but haven't decided what to use it for. The Cherry Flower Purse was designed mostly to use as a cosmetic bag. But I don't have any cosmetics. So maybe I'll use it for my wallet, mobile and camera etc....

The two pieces of fabrics were from my deserted UFOs. I cut up some squares wanting to make some napkins but never had time to finish them. They are just the right size for a small cosmetic bag like this.

I saw a few tutorials on the web for 'origami bag' which looks like this purse but this one is more beautiful I think, of course I mean the one from the tutorial, not the one I made. I just wish I had the luxury of time to make one like that.

I really loved the tutorial. Although it's in Chinese, the photos are clear enough to follow without having to read the instructions. And you just need to click the number of pages at the bottom of each page to navigate through the tutorial.

pants made for DD

I bought this lovely super soft flannel from Spotty a while ago, and thought it might be good to make some winter stuff for DD.

Recently it's been raining none stop and the temprature has dropped down. So once I got the new sewing machine, I started sewing some winter pyjamas for DD. I don't have a pattern but I thought I could just sew some pants first and work out the tops later.

So here are the two pairs of pants I've done so far:
This is made from Knitwit pattern 4200This one is made from my favourite self-designed sleep pants pattern

18 Feb. 2009

I'll have to go slow

I can’t update this blog as often as before any more. I find it quite difficult to manage a full time job, a toddler who’s being toilet trained at the moment, trying to learn how to discipline the toddler, trying to write at least one post for her blog every day so I can record everything I can about her growth – and my growth while raising her, and sewing.

I feel I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself lately so after weighing the things I HAVE TO DO, I decided I’ll reduce my expectation on sewing. It’s just a hobby. I can live without it. But I have to do my job so we can maintain our life, and I have to devote most of my time after work to my daughter who really needs a lot of attention. So I have to slow down my sewing hobby, although I love it soooo much. There has to be a balance.

Anyway I’ll try to see if I can do some hand sewing on the train, if I finish reading the things I have to read.

I made a pair of pyjama pants for DD last night using the yellow strip flannel I recently bought. It’s such a soft material that I just couldn’t pass by. And the pants feel and look so good on her. I felt so happy about the result. But I had the feeling that maybe I won’t be able to make some more for some time….

I haven't got time to take a picture yet. Will update later.

11 Feb. 2009

Last extension of sleep suit

Armed with my new sewing machine, here's the extension of DD's last un-extended sleep suit. Very timely for the drop of tempratures!

New pants made for DD

I've made two pairs of pants so far using the new sewing machine. They're from my favourite pattern. I have to make more as DD is toilet trained and the day care just returned us four pairs of wet pants yesterday!

New sewing machine

I haven't been able to sew much coz my beloved Homemaker sewing machine had some trouble working.

So it took me a few days to decide I needed a new machine, then another few days to research what machine I was gonna buy coz I believed I deserved a better machine to work with since it was so frustrating to work with the Homemaker, and then another few days after I finally put my order in to wait for my new machine to arrive. So I just received it on Monday and I started sewing straight away.

It’s a great machine. It’s a Brother NS50, costing me over $500. I wasn’t planning to pay so much for my second machine (I know this always happens) but I really liked to have its lettering stitches because I plan to do a lot of name labeling for my DD.

It has 135 stitch patterns. It’s computerized so very automatic. I was saying I felt like I jumped onto a time machine and traveled from 1976 to 2040. It has a threader so I don’t need to worry about threading after every time DD pulls my thread out. It has a good bobbin winding system. And the bobbin is top loaded with clear plastic cover to see through which I think is great. Also the threading, and installing bobbin is guided so it makes it much easier and more accurate and reliable.

I like the stitch patterns. I’ve tried a few and they’re beautiful. Some flowery patterns don’t work well but I guess I need to adjust the tension before I can make a conclusion. The lettering stitches are quite small. But it’s good enough for name labeling. I still need to manage to get the lettering right coz the I is too close to the other letter.

The machine is VERY quiet, compared to my Homemaker which has been noisy from the start. And it runs very smoothly. I feel sewing with this machine is effortless. It’s like a very experienced dancer, while the Homemaker is like a construction worker.

It comes with a hard case which is great for blocking the sun light out coz my sewing table is positioned against the window.

There’s so much to learn. The manual is thick and I’m yet to find time to read whole thing.