21 Feb. 2009

Flower purse

I've been looking at this tutorial for so many times that I can't stop thinking of trying it out.

So I finally did try it out. It was called 'Cherry Flower Purse' in the tutorial because the flowers the sewer made for the purse were cherry flowers. But I don't have the patience to learn to sew flowers so I used some of my yo-yos, that were made like a year ago.

Anyway here're two pics of it.

I love it but haven't decided what to use it for. The Cherry Flower Purse was designed mostly to use as a cosmetic bag. But I don't have any cosmetics. So maybe I'll use it for my wallet, mobile and camera etc....

The two pieces of fabrics were from my deserted UFOs. I cut up some squares wanting to make some napkins but never had time to finish them. They are just the right size for a small cosmetic bag like this.

I saw a few tutorials on the web for 'origami bag' which looks like this purse but this one is more beautiful I think, of course I mean the one from the tutorial, not the one I made. I just wish I had the luxury of time to make one like that.

I really loved the tutorial. Although it's in Chinese, the photos are clear enough to follow without having to read the instructions. And you just need to click the number of pages at the bottom of each page to navigate through the tutorial.

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