18 Feb. 2009

I'll have to go slow

I can’t update this blog as often as before any more. I find it quite difficult to manage a full time job, a toddler who’s being toilet trained at the moment, trying to learn how to discipline the toddler, trying to write at least one post for her blog every day so I can record everything I can about her growth – and my growth while raising her, and sewing.

I feel I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself lately so after weighing the things I HAVE TO DO, I decided I’ll reduce my expectation on sewing. It’s just a hobby. I can live without it. But I have to do my job so we can maintain our life, and I have to devote most of my time after work to my daughter who really needs a lot of attention. So I have to slow down my sewing hobby, although I love it soooo much. There has to be a balance.

Anyway I’ll try to see if I can do some hand sewing on the train, if I finish reading the things I have to read.

I made a pair of pyjama pants for DD last night using the yellow strip flannel I recently bought. It’s such a soft material that I just couldn’t pass by. And the pants feel and look so good on her. I felt so happy about the result. But I had the feeling that maybe I won’t be able to make some more for some time….

I haven't got time to take a picture yet. Will update later.

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