11 Feb. 2009

New sewing machine

I haven't been able to sew much coz my beloved Homemaker sewing machine had some trouble working.

So it took me a few days to decide I needed a new machine, then another few days to research what machine I was gonna buy coz I believed I deserved a better machine to work with since it was so frustrating to work with the Homemaker, and then another few days after I finally put my order in to wait for my new machine to arrive. So I just received it on Monday and I started sewing straight away.

It’s a great machine. It’s a Brother NS50, costing me over $500. I wasn’t planning to pay so much for my second machine (I know this always happens) but I really liked to have its lettering stitches because I plan to do a lot of name labeling for my DD.

It has 135 stitch patterns. It’s computerized so very automatic. I was saying I felt like I jumped onto a time machine and traveled from 1976 to 2040. It has a threader so I don’t need to worry about threading after every time DD pulls my thread out. It has a good bobbin winding system. And the bobbin is top loaded with clear plastic cover to see through which I think is great. Also the threading, and installing bobbin is guided so it makes it much easier and more accurate and reliable.

I like the stitch patterns. I’ve tried a few and they’re beautiful. Some flowery patterns don’t work well but I guess I need to adjust the tension before I can make a conclusion. The lettering stitches are quite small. But it’s good enough for name labeling. I still need to manage to get the lettering right coz the I is too close to the other letter.

The machine is VERY quiet, compared to my Homemaker which has been noisy from the start. And it runs very smoothly. I feel sewing with this machine is effortless. It’s like a very experienced dancer, while the Homemaker is like a construction worker.

It comes with a hard case which is great for blocking the sun light out coz my sewing table is positioned against the window.

There’s so much to learn. The manual is thick and I’m yet to find time to read whole thing.

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