31 Mar. 2009

Silhouette applique

I was running out my 'train projects'. So I was searching internet for appliques and embroidery projects that I thought I could do on the train. I found some animal appliques that were free to download. I printed them. Then I saw some Sunbonnet Sue projects that I thought quite cute but they're not free.

Then, the Sunbonnet Sue pictures reminded me of DD wearing her sunhats. Isn't she the same cute as Sue?
So I printed these photo out and cut her out
And used them as pattern to cut out fabric scraps and
Appliqued them on DD's plain Tshirts.

Isn't it wonderful when you get free patterns sooooo easy, unique, and personalized?

New pincushion

I made my first pincushion and it doesn't work very well. I decided polar fleece is no good for pincushions, especially when I put too much of it inside. My pins all got bended because I tried too hard to push them in. I can't bear it any more so I decided to make another one.

As I don't have any filling to put in the cotton fabric cover, I found this scrap from making DD's sleep bag about a year ago. It was a fluffy throw before I cut it out to make the sleep bag. It's very soft and warm material. I tried some pins and decided it's easy to go through so I decided to use it as the filling.

I heard that I can use some sand as part of the filling (to sharpen the pins) but as I don't have any at the moment so I decided to leave this experiment later.

Extension of PJ pants

This pair of pants is size 1 and too short for DD now (who's 2). And of course I can't part with it so I did an extension using the same flannel fabric I used to extend the top of the same set. Of course I did it by hand on the train as I never seem to have time to do it at home. On the train I have plenty of time to do a very good job. Just look at the photos below for details:

29 Mar. 2009

Cloth pads - finally finished

Do you remember this UFO project. I can't believe I kept them for over 6 months! I cut them out and pinned them up and found this project too difficult for me so I left them in my sewing basket and have been bearing with them for 6 months! They made my sewing basket so full that every time I wanted to find something I had to take them out being struck by the pins on them so I can look for what I needed. I can't believe I never wanted to throw them out. They were mostly cut out from scraps.

So handsewing came to my rescue. I finished the bibs and found no handsewing projects at hand so I saw these and decided to give them ago.

The first one was so difficult I almost gave up on the train. But I persisted.

Then the following ones were a breeze, although my fingers hurt very much after because they're really thick. Most of them are 6 layers, and I sewed bias tape on them so it's like 8-10 layers to go through. But I made it! I had to try my best efforts to hide them on the train while sewing though coz sometimes I sit beside a gentleman or something....

Anyway here're the pics of final products:
As you can see I'm really not good at bias tape on curves and inward corners. Does anyone know how? I tried to google and ask on forums but can't find any information on 'hand'sewing bias tape on curves and any type of sewing on inward corners.....

Portable essential pockets plus mini tutorial

I love making bags. But I hate making pockets. I've got so many essentials I need to put in the bags: wallet, camera, mobile, change purse, train ticket, keys etc etc and I'd like to keep them in seperate pockets so it's easy to pick out any piece I want, instead of searching through a pile of things in the bag for just one thing.

As you can see I've made most of my bags with lots of pockets. The ones with no pockets are easier to make but I don't use them because I get too spoiled by the pocketed bags.

So I've been thinking of making some portable pockets so I can put them in any of my bags instead of making pockets for each of my bags.

So here we go:

Cut out fabric according to your 'essentials' total size. You'll need some calculations. I cut out my fabric 57cmx22cm (coz that's all I could get from my bedspread scrap). I was planning to cut 52x34 but I always change my mind when I want to maximize the use of my scraps....
Sew the side seams up.
I used overcast stitches so it doesn't fray.
Sew bias tape on the top.
Measure the size of each 'essential' and sew the pockets according to your measurement.
That should be it. I found it really long so I added snaps on the two ends so I could fold it in half and snap it together. I guess you can sew the two ends together so you can keep it permanently folded.
Here's the pockets in action in my no-pocket dumpling bag:
I can see that it can hardly hold itself straight up, so I guess I'll need to either add snaps to snap it onto the bag or do something else to make it hold together. I'll think about it....

The white bed spread: I can't believe how many projects I've made using this white bed spread that I thrifted from Vinnies. And now I still have some small scraps left that I'll definitely use in some other projects in the future.

28 Mar. 2009

Pyramid door stop tutorial

As I said I couldn't find the tutorial I learnt it from and I really wanted to share this great project, so I went and made another one so I can take photos for a tutorial. As I don't know how to describe in detail, I'll let the photos tell:

Scrap from my old pants:
Draw a triangle with equal sides. For this scrap I drew a 26x26x26:
Cut out the triangle and also cut a piece of ribbon:
Pin the ribbon on, triangle right sides together. The ribbon has to be this angle coz it needs to go upwards:
Sew this side off:
Sew another side off, becareful not to catch the ribbon again:
Sew the third side off with a small opening, be careful not to catch the ribbon:
Turn right side out and put rice in through the opening:
Hand sew the opening off using blind stitch:
Here we go....

Old pants new door stops

I made a few door stops before but obviously we've got more doors than door stops so I've been seeing the need of making more of them.

Last night I got a few minutes at hand so I pulled out a few scraps and started working on more door stops.

The scraps are from my old pants. I made DD a pair of pants from my old pants and have a few pieces of scraps left which I couldn't part with. Now I can put them into very good use.

I tried to write my tutorial but found my English is not good enough to describe such detailed steps. And I can't remember from which blog I learned this tutorial and I've tried but can't find it. But I've seen this post which described exactly what I did. The only difference is my size is smaller (coz I use scraps!) but I'm happy with my size. I cut out about 24x24x24 triangles to make the door stops. The old door stops are about this size and they work just fine so I thought why waste more fabric if they can work in less? Haha.

I made another one from another scrap:
After making these door stops I've realized how much I have progressed in sewing. I remember this was one of my beginning projects when I started sewing in 2007. Unfortunately I didn't have a blog to record my projects back then. Now it's a really eazy pizzy project for me and it really costs almost nothing.

26 Mar. 2009

Pink Handbag made

I feel sooooo tired after this. I guess I spent about 3-4 hours on it non-stop. And I wouldn't have my lunch until I finished it so I had my lunch at 2pm. I was even feeling dizzy because I was starving.

But I like it.

It's the first time I use polar fleece in between two layers of cotton on a bag and I like the warm soft feeling. I've never done this before because making a reversable bag with lots of pockets is already time consuming and tiring and I don't want to add a lot more steps for the polar fleece layer. But anyway I think it's worth it. It's just I can't do it very often. I'm exhausted.

I guess that's it for today's sewing. I'm gonna go out and do some shopping.

I'm gonna post the sizes later coz I'm too tired to think any more....

090327 updated: Coming back to update the dimensions:

Finished dimension: 30Wx20Hx10D, straps 40x3

body: 42x52x(outer fabric, inner fabric and PF)
pockets: 42x22x(outer fabric, inner fabricx2)
straps: 42x12x(outer fabricx2) + 42x3xPF

I’ve used it since yesterday and find it extremely small for me. The pockets I made are too small to hold my wallet and camera etc. The straps are too short to put on my shoulder too. The straps are too wide too. Next time I’ll have to make it larger. Maybe:

Finished dimension: 30Wx40Hx10D, straps 60x3

body: 42x92x(outer fabric, inner fabric and PF)
pockets: 42x32x(outer fabricx1, inner fabricx2)
straps: 64x8x(outer fabricx2) + 42x2x(PFx2)

Two Tshirt dresses made

I hope I'm normal in getting obsessed with a new technique of sewing all the time, because now I seem to be addicted to modifying DD dresses.

Summer is late this year and it seems Autumn will be the same so today I heard it'll be 30 degrees. Had a look at the forecast I learned this weekend is gonna be another warm summery one so yahoooo I have the excuse to make more dresses for DD!

So I pulled out this dress which was a gift form DD's auntie, which hasn't even been worn but is already too small:
And picked out this Tshirt, which I have no idea where from, but I think it matches the dress better than other Tshirts, and the best thing is: it's too small too:
And I came up with this:
Then I couldn't bear to part with the scrap from the former dress so I took off the little bow and handsewed it on:
Then here's another dress from the same auntie but....we have no idea how to dress it on DD (do you?) so I decided to modify it too:
So I searched through DD's Tshirt stash and found this one (well not exactly a Tshirt) which I think matches well:
And came up with this:
Update 090328: DD wearing one of them today: