29 Mar. 2009

Cloth pads - finally finished

Do you remember this UFO project. I can't believe I kept them for over 6 months! I cut them out and pinned them up and found this project too difficult for me so I left them in my sewing basket and have been bearing with them for 6 months! They made my sewing basket so full that every time I wanted to find something I had to take them out being struck by the pins on them so I can look for what I needed. I can't believe I never wanted to throw them out. They were mostly cut out from scraps.

So handsewing came to my rescue. I finished the bibs and found no handsewing projects at hand so I saw these and decided to give them ago.

The first one was so difficult I almost gave up on the train. But I persisted.

Then the following ones were a breeze, although my fingers hurt very much after because they're really thick. Most of them are 6 layers, and I sewed bias tape on them so it's like 8-10 layers to go through. But I made it! I had to try my best efforts to hide them on the train while sewing though coz sometimes I sit beside a gentleman or something....

Anyway here're the pics of final products:
As you can see I'm really not good at bias tape on curves and inward corners. Does anyone know how? I tried to google and ask on forums but can't find any information on 'hand'sewing bias tape on curves and any type of sewing on inward corners.....


Ellie said...

those are sooo cute!


Rowena said...

Thank you Ellie. I used my own patterns for the big ones for nights. I still think they're not big enough. I'll improve, when I get a chance....:)