7 Mar. 2009

Easter Hat Parade - planning

Just received a letter from DD's kindergarten that they're holding an Easter Hat Parade in early April. They're asking each family to prepare an Easter Hat and the best will win a prize.

To be honest I've never SEEN an Easter Hat.

So I'll have to do some research and this will be my next BIGGEST project. Lucky I still have about a month. My sewing machine will come back to me within 2 weeks, if everything goes as planned. And hopefully I can use the sewing machine instead of my hand to sew the hat.

But before that I'll have to know WHAT to do to produce an Easter Hat.

I've seen some photos on the internet and they're quite overwhelming. I have to say they're soooo not my cup of tea. I don't like anything not fabric on a hat. So I guess I'll have a lot of embroidery or appliqués to do, since I'll want to put some bunnies and eggs on a hat, which I will have to make as well.

I'm thinking of using the only hat pattern I have. I've made one hat from it and was quite happy with the pattern, although the size I chose was a bit big.

So here's my plan (updating as I go with my research):

1. Select hat fabrics. They'll have to be plain colour, so I can do embroidery or appliqués on.

2. Cut fabrics needed to make the hat.

3. Cut appliqués. I suppose these will be the eggs. I guess I'll take out all the colourful fabrics and cut an egg out of each of them.

4. Do embroidery on the pieces that need embroidery. I suppose embroidery will be the bunnies.

5. Sew appliques on.

6. Sew the hat.

So before the sewing machine comes back, I have 5 steps to do. That's plenty for 2 weeks.


Here's a tutorial about an embroidered bunny.

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