3 Mar. 2009

Handsewn bib

My new NS50 is on its way to the seller for repair due to some LCD screen problems. I hate using my Homemaker again coz it's too troublesome. So I'm officially out of sewing machine.

V said she's gonna organize a party for her son K's 1st birthday this weekend. So I'm thinking of making him a gift.

Last weekend when they came to visit us I saw K wearing his sister's bib which has a girly butterfly pattern, made by me. I thought maybe K needs a new bib. So I decided to HANDSEW a bib for him. Since I've been admiring this lady's handsewn work, I decided I can try it too, on the train.

I travel about 70 minutes on the train everyday for work so it's a lot of time to use. I cut out the fabrics this morning before I left home, and handsewed 90% on the train. Then when I got home I had a bit of time to finish the 10%. So here's the bib after I finished handsewing:

This is the very detail where I'm not sure how to make it neater:
And this is after snaps are applied:
I couldn't find matching snaps and I didn't want to use red for some reason even I myself can't explain. So I just used the only yellow snaps I had.

I believe V and K will like it. It feels so cozy, soft....This flannelette is super soft....

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